Past 20 Songs


    Artist     Title
1.) Keb Mo     The Old Me Better
2.) Calexico     Maybe on Monday
3.) Spoon     Do You
4.) Jeff Beck     I Put a Spell On You
5.) Johnny Winter     Can't Hold Out
6.) Interpol     All The Rage
7.) A Fine Frenzy     Almost Lover
8.) The New Pornographers     Brill Bruisers
9.) Crash     Motion Animal
10.) Franz Ferdinand     Right Action
11.) Barenaked Ladies     Jane
12.) Mike Doughty     Light Will Keep Your Heart Beating in the Future
13.) Jack and Eliza     Hold The Line
14.) Alt-J     Left Hand Free
15.) Mumford and Sons     Lover Of The Light
16.) Lenny Kravitz     Spinning Around Over You
17.) Stuart Davis     They're Already Here
18.) Kings Of Leon     Family Tree
19.) The Rides     Don't Want Lies
20.) Benjamin Booker     Violent Shiver


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