Past 20 Songs


    Artist     Title
1.) caddywhompus     Company
2.) Donovan Wolfington     Coca-Cola
3.) Rad Wagon     Bang Shaker
4.) The Flaming Tsunamis     Cancer Swing
5.) The Telegraph Salesmen     The Mandolin Man
6.) Hawkboy     Two Bit
7.) Television Man     Sleep
8.) Foxfire     Don't Let It Go
9.) the Givers     Noche Nada
10.) Misfits     Monster Mash
11.) Pope     Weeks of Debate
12.) WIll Vance & the Kinfolk     One More Time
13.) Magnolia Sons     Holiday Review
14.) Sun Hotel     House Pride
15.) England in 1819     Stuck
16.) Hazelhurst     Our Own God
17.) Modern Language     Big Easy Blues
18.) White Heat     Water
19.) Kenny Acosta     The Sun
20.) B.B. King     Die Alone


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