Past 20 Songs


    Artist     Title
1.) Screaming Mechanical Brain     Wundershozen
2.) Moving Picture Show     Saturday Night
3.) A Perfect_Circle     Rose
4.) Casey Black     The Idiot
5.) The_Dresden_Dolls     Backstabber
6.) Liquid_Tension_Experiment     Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure
7.) Funeral_For_A_Friend     Rookie of the Year
8.) Crystal Stilts     Shake the Shackles
9.) Poppy Seed And The Love Explosion     The Comet
10.) Bridge_Club     Graveyard Wop
11.) Crackjaw     Cameo
12.) Katie Trotta     Boston
13.) Nine_Inch_Nails     The Hand That Feeds
14.) Don't_Look_Down     Defined By Your Desire
15.) Said the Whale     The Outsider (Resident Renholder Mix)
16.) Sufjan Stevens     Barbara-Ann
17.) The_MC5     I Walked
18.) Poppy Seed And The Explosion     Tonight
19.) They Might Be Giants     Bales Of Pot
20.) System_Of_A_Down     Man, It's So Loud in Here


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