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KSLU's Top 9 AAA Updates for the week of April 6, 2020


1.) Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden On Veeps and Its Benefit During Quarantine

Joel Madden and his brother have undertaken a whole variety of projects through the years. One of their business ventures, a marketing company MDDN.co, added a new feature a few years ago called Veeps. Veeps is host to many artists like Pete Yorn, Emma Stone, and more as a way for them to manage their VIP offerings. Madden says this tool has been a great, noncommission way for musicians to interact with their fans since its inception but it has really come in handy since the outbreak of Covid-19.


2.) Mandy Moore and Caroline Rose and Their New 2020 Albums

Mandy Moore and Caroline Rose have both hit the music scene this year with pop albums from the heart. Moore, who has been more of an actress than a musician, just released her first album in seven years Silver Linings. Rose has also come out with an album Superstar. The sound is very different from Rose’s folk artist beginnings. Both artists are doing a great job of showing you’re not assigned to just one lot in life.


3.) First New Bright Eyes Album Being Teased For the First Time Since 2011

Fans of Bright Eyes are likely excited as the lead singer Conor Oberst discusses what they should expect of a new album. He also assures everyone the band did not break up despite the rumors flying around about their extended absence. Oberst also says Nate and Mike, his bandmates, are incredibly excited about the project they’re taking on.


4.) Revivalist Celebrate 10 Year Anniversary With Vinyl

If you’re a musician, you don’t celebrate “birthdays” with cake. At least this is probably the thought on the Revivalist mind when they announced the upcoming release of their debut album– on vinyl! The date is not yet announced for the release of Vital Signs on vinyl but the band will probably share this information to fans on their social media pages.


5.) After the Release of Endless Dream John Erikson Talks About Peter Bjorn and John

The Swedish originated power trio is officially two decades old with 9 studio albums under their belt. John Erikson talks about what brought them here today and the artists that inspired them. While Erikson has been a die-hard Zappa fan, his bandmates lived and breathed Elvis Costello when their band started. Erikson is still a huge Zappa fan but he finally appreciates the gems in Costello’s work. To my surprise, John Erikson said an artist he would never turn the radio dial on is a Swedish Elvis Impersonator Eielert Pilarm.


6.) Writers Can Get Creative with Maggie Rogers and Her Isolation Journals

Here is one more thing to kill some time while you #stayathome. Maggie Rogers and other artists are encouraging everyone to do something creative each day while in quarantine. Anyone looking for inspiration for their stories, whether a newbie or a full fledged novelist, can sign up for her daily prompts.


7.) New Orleans Loses Ellis Marsalis Jr. to Covid-19

Jazz legend Ellis Marsalis Jr. has passed away at 85 years old today. The jazz legend was diagnosed with coronavirus which lead to pneumonia. It was the pneumonia which ultimately took his life. His legacy will continue to live on through the hundreds of students he taught over the years including his six sons and Harry Connick Jr. Such an influential person to the history and culture of the great city of New Orleans will be missed.


8.) Saint Motel Takes Advantage of Isolation By Working on Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Part one of the bands new album has already been released but things are changing for parts one and two. While the release dates are still slotted for Summer and Fall for parts one and two, Saint Motel is having to rethink some of the details after the outbreak of Covid-19. Lead singer AJ Jackson says they’re in the process of figuring out how to make their tour turn virtual as they prepare for the release of the final parts of the full album.


9.) Not Just a Singer Songwriter: Brittany Howard Also Reviews Bathtubs in Her Spare Time

The Alabama Shakes artist releases the details of the secret twitter she’s devoted to her hobby. Followers of her account @candlegazing have had the treat of the musician’s honest opinions about bathtubs from several hotels she’s stayed in while touring. What inspired her tub talk? She admits getting in a bath is one of the big ways she’s able to destress.



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