"God's Favorite Customer": An Album Review

Self-loathing, self-absorption, self-aware. There are many "self" terms we can use to describe Josh Tillman, better known as his alter ego Father John Misty. Father John Misty, released his newest album God's Favorite Customer on June 1st. Tillman explores the usual Father John Misty adventures of religious guilt, mental health, drugs, and love packed into a meteor sized ego. God's Favorite Customer has his usual melodrama, but this time with wisdom and vulnerability.

"Like an oil tanker tipped at sea, This love's contaminated me"  - Disappointing Diamonds Are the Rarest of Them All

God's Favorite Customer has a classic rock feel, not just in the sound, but in the conception. This album was written on a bender of illegal substances, locked away in hotel rooms for two months all while experiencing a nervous breakdown. Father John Misty starts us off incredibly strong with "Hangout at the Gallows" with "Mr. Tillman" following. There is a lull about halfway through, but the album still finishes strong. You will go through grieving, mental illness, and cynical love as you listen to "Please Don't Die", "God's Favorite Customer", and "The Songwriter".

"People, we know so little about ourselves but just enough to wanna be nearly anybody else, How does that add up?" - We're Only People

Headphones are a must for this album, in order to not miss a plethora of instruments as well as gorgeous background vocals. It is also required to give this album two separate listenings. Once on a day where you can't stop smiling and then on a day where you want to cry in your pajamas. My personal favorite songs on God's Favorite Customer are "Just Dumb Enough to Try", "Date Night", and "The Palace".

If you find yourself liking this album and want some more Father John Misty then check out his previous albums Fear Fun and I Love You, Honeybear, if you haven't already. On Father John Misty's YouTube channel there are even new music videos for "Mr. Tillman", "Please Don't Die", and "God's Favorite Customer". If watched in that exact order it looks to tell a story. Something about this album is very relatable, in that being human has many peaks and valleys. God's Favorite Customer is an album that shows us love is ugly, mental illness is ugly, and despite it all life is worth living.

Dara Calmes, a junior at Southeastern Louisiana University, is an Art History major with a minor in Theatre. Calmes is passionate about music and her job as Student Music Director for 90.9 FM KSLU.