New KSLU Website

KSLU just received a major upgrade.  The KSLU website (online home of Southeastern’s public radio station, 90.9fm KSLU) has a new look and improved user experience.  KSLU general manager Todd Delaney said, “We worked closely with Southeastern’s website development team to bring KSLU’s online presence in line with contemporary standards.  I’m very happy with modern look and feel that the team created for us and users seem to really like the new layout and features.” 


Visitors can now listen to KSLU online with a simple click of a button anywhere in the world, regardless of their device.  No longer will users need to download software or determine what option works best for their computer.  Delaney said, “KSLU listeners just want to click and listen to KSLU without having to jump through hoops.  So, we worked with Southeastern’s website team to make that happen and they did an outstanding job.” 


The new also features quick access to KSLU programs including Rock School, Caffe Italia, and others such as Point of View.  KSLU will soon post podcasts of Point of View along with pictures of weekly guests on the new Point of View webpage to test the new site's multimedia tools.


More multi and social media content will be added to over the next few months as the KSLU team tailors the site to better serve its audience.