Why You've "Gotta Get to Know" The Seratones

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If you’re looking for a boost to your mood, you need look no further than the aptly named Seratones.

The Shreveport natives entered the scene in 2013, playing New Orleans clubs and touring beforeThe Seratones ultimately signing with Fat Possum Records, a label that also boasts signing The Black Keys.

Comprised of bandmates A.J. Haynes, Jesse Gabriel, Adam Davis, Travis Stewart and Tyran Coker, the Seratones released their debut album in 2016, featuring a uniquely creative sound, as flavorful as the local cooking. A quick peek at their bandcamp site and you’ll find review after raving review about the albums mix of punk, funk, and jazz influences.  

The Seratones recently premiered their latest single “Gotta Get to Know You” from the upcoming album “Power.” “Gotta Get to Know You” packs a punch right from the first note. Listening to frontwoman A.J. Haynes, one hears a full-bodied voice, deep, soulful, and oh so southern, which pairs well with the single’s diverse and eclectic sound. There is a lot going on in this 2 minute track, in the best possible way. It brings the heat and provides the beautifully unexpected.

After listening to “Gotta Get to Know You” I can only imagine the album “Power” will live up to its name. I’m both excited for the upcoming album “Power” (released August 23, 2019) and to see what the Seratones will bring to the table in their future musical career.

Byline: Thora Hughes

Thora Hughes is a junior General Studies major pursuing her undergraduate degree at Southeastern Louisiana University. This jack-of-all-trades is currently the production director and events coordinator at KSLU, but has been known to DJ and assist the Underwriting and Development Director.

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