mental health week

Mental Health Week 


October 10, 2016
Topic: Study Tips and Stress Management

Audio Link: study_tips.mp3

Listen for techniques, strategies, and resources available to study effectively and manage the stresses of college life.


October 11, 2016
Topic: Self Care

Audio Link: self_care.mp3

Learn new ways to reduce stress and take better care of your mind and body.



October 12, 2016
Topic: Domestic Violence

Audio Link: domestic_violence.mp3

This episode presents several options if you find yourself or a loved one in an abusive relationship.



October 13, 2016
Topic: Relationships

Audio Link: relationships.mp3

Discovery how to create and cultivate meaningful relationships throughout your life and how rewarding those relationships can be.



October 14, 2016
Topic: Staying Safe

Audio Link: staying_safe.mp3

Take these tips with you the next time you go out to have a better time and stay safe along the way.