Vive Saludable

 Vive Saludable

Vive Saludable is a podcast series of healthcare discussions for Spanish speaking college students.
  The show is hosted by Toby Rae Rosenthal, a pre-medicine studies student at Southeastern Louisiana University.  Rosenthal is pursuing a double major in Spanish and Biology, which makes her the perfect host for Vive Saludable.  Listen to this fun and engaging show as she offers simple ways to live a healthy and happy life.



October 1, 2018

Topic: Fighting the Flu

Fall season is here and with it, influenza. This week, learn what the flu is, how you can avoid it, and what's being done to combat it.

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Yo me vacuno contra la influenza

La vacuna contra la influenza" title="VacĂșnes contra la influenza