tru juice bar

KSLU Featured Sponsor,  June 2019

tru juice bar offers fresh, responsibly sourced, juice, wraps, smoothies, and poke bowls, as well as
athletic and workout supplements. With something for everyone, tru juice also provides vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and sugar free options.

Check them out online at

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Partner with KSLU 90.9 FM!

 KSLU can help you reach your target market (on YOUR budget). Plus, it's 100% tax deductible.

Ask us how! Call
(985)549-2327 TODAY or click to view our informational packet


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Artist of the Week

SOAK is our Artist Spotlight of the week. Listen to their new song "Deja Vu" on 90.9 FM KSLU!

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The Seratones
Why You've "Gotta Get to Know" The Seratones

If you’re looking for a boost to your mood, you need look no further than the aptly named Seratones. They hit the scene in 2016 with a unique sound, as flavorful as the local cooking. Now they’re back with more of that special seasoning of jazz, funk, and punk, in their latest single, “Gotta Get to Know You.”

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Rock School
Thursdays 5 pm & Sundays 4 pm 

Rock School is a one hour weekly showcase of classical rock music and little-known facts about legendary artists featured.

Sundays 5 - 6 pm 

There aren't many people as passionate about bluegrass music as Dayne Sherman and Davey Brooks.

Caffe Italia 
Sundays 8 - 9 pm

Caffe Italia features the best of classical, contemporary and cultural music from Italy mixed with conversation in Italian and English.

Dinner Jazz 
Sundays 6 - 7 pm

Zia "The Cat's" Dinner Jazz is a wonderful blend of jazz vocals and instrumentals that mull effortlessly into one of the most respected hours of jazz programming on the radio.

Dirt Road 
Monday - Friday 6 - 7 pm

With a great music selection, the blues hour continues to grow as one of KSLU's most listened to timeslots.

Electric Edge 
Thursdays 7 - 9 pm

Venture through the different styles of electronica with house, dubstep, and more. Get a glimpse of some of the greatest electronic music.

World Cafe
Monday - Friday 9 - 10 am

World Cafe is hosted and produced by David Dye in Philadelphia at WXPN presents interviews and performances with today's essential and emerging artists.

Hearts of Space
Sundays 10 - 11 pm

Hearts of Space began as a San Francisco late night radio show in 1973, went national on public radio in 1983 and to our eternal amazement, grew to almost 300 stations.

Mic Check 
Thursdays 9 pm - Midnight

Mic Check will bring you the latest in Hip-Hop and RnB music, news and showcase major and local artists and DJs.

Rincon Hispano
Sundays 7 - 8 pm

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to el Rincon Hispano, a place dedicated to traveling around the many spanish speaking countries.

The Whole Nine Yards 
Mondays 7 - 8 pm

The Whole Nine Yards will take you on a run across the field, down the court, and around the dome with an hour of discussion about many different sports.

Point of View 
Thursdays and Fridays 11 am - Noon

Point of View is KSLU’s community interest show which features news and information that impacts our local community.

Putumayo Hour 
Sundays 9 - 10 pm

Putumayo World Music Hour is an internationally syndicated radio show that takes listeners on a weekly journey through the music of many different cultures.

Retro Reality 
Monday - Wednesday 11 am - Noon

E.T., Ferris Bueller, The Goonies, Axel Foley; remembering what the 1980s were all about. Tune in to hear the best of the yesterday's music today.