Awards & Recognition

2016 Writing Marathon


2015 Writing Marathon

"In Good Company"


2014 Writing Marathon

"Finding Your Muse"


2012 Writing Marathon

"Letters to New Orleans"


2011 Writing Marathon

"New Orleans in Words"

2012 Communicator Award of Excellence


2008 Halloween PSA 

- Marcom Gold Award


2007 Writing Marathon Documentary

"Teaching Lives"


2004 Writing Marathon Documentary

"The New Orleans Writing Marathon - Revisited"

- Katie Award's 'Best Documentary'

- Collegiate Broadcasters Awards 'Best Documentary'

- The Communicator 'Award of Distinction'


2003 Writing Marathon Documentary 

"The New Orleans Writing Marathon"

- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'


"Avoiding Downed Power Lines (PSA)"

- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'

- MarCom Creative Awards 'Honorable Mention'


"The Decibel Lounge (Promo)"

- The Communicator 'Award of Excellence'


"Dangerous Sounds: Thomas the Doubting Llama (Promo)"

- The Communicator Awards 'Honorable Mention'


"Katrina: In Their Own Words"