Leon Bridges' "Good Thing": An Album Review

Leon Bridges has not named his new album ‘Good Thing’ in a funny way. The soul turned R&B artist has put together compelling lyrics with a voice that turns heads. That’s not even a cliché, I’ve played this album for several people after it won my heart and it quickly won theirs as well. While Bridges’ last album was heavily influenced by soul artists like the legendary Sam Cooke, this album flourishes in the world Leon was raised in listening to the likes of Usher, and Ginuwine.

Bridges’ content varies starting in the vain of lost love in ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand” and finishes focused on the admiration he has for his parents in ‘Georgia to Texas’. For those disheartened to hear about Leon’s departure from the soul genre will be glad to know each song still has the heart that makes his music so fun to listen to.

With those broad strokes out of the way, let’s get real nitty gritty. As much as I would love to play each song and give a five minute analysis on it these next lines will have to do. First let’s break it down real simple, are these songs fun to listen to? Yes, whether it’s a road trip to New Orleans, or if you are into the hiding in your room scene to hear every nuance of a song this album will serve you well. (Full disclosure between the two of us, I’m sitting here listening to ‘Georgia to Texas’ and this man will be in every household in two years). 

 Bridges’ is a storyteller; every song on this record is a narrative, and unlike every sequel besides ‘The Godfather II’ each story seems better than the last.

Now I don’t want to spoil these songs but hopefully this guideline will give you a plan of attack for listening to this album. If you want to bounce, listen to ‘You Don’t Know’, and ‘If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be)’. If you are mad at your spouse, listen to ‘Forgive You’, and ‘Bet Ain’t Worth the Hand’. Once you are done being mad at your spouse ‘Mrs.’, and ‘Shy’ are a few songs that will have you feeling strong and ready to woo your partner over a nice dinner. If you want to hear some wonderful stories about Mr. Bridges specifically ‘Beyond’, ‘Lions’, and ‘Georgia to Texas’ are tunes you can’t miss.

Once Leon is a household name this album may be the reason for it. 

Connor Ferrill, age 21, is a junior at Southeastern Louisiana University. A Communication major, Ferrill loves discovering new music, and serves as 90.9 FM KSLU's news reporter and afternoon drive time host (3pm-6pm).