The Seratones' "Power": A Review

From the very first note, I fell in love. This is how quickly the Seratones’ new album Power grabs and holds your attention. The five piece Shreveport band has been making waves since their first album Get Gone. While I understand how their first album garnered them national attention, the growth in their second album is obvious. With the help of Brad Shultz’s production, the image and sound on this album is more distinct. Meanwhile, frontwoman AJ Haynes' already astonishing voice demands you listen even closer this time. There are great songs and good songs on Power. Anything I questioned as less made sure to redeem itself in the end.  Someone would seriously miss out if they didn’t take the 30 to 45 minutes to sit down and enjoy this album.power album cover

Out of the ten songs on Power, there are five ABSOLUTELY MUST LISTENS. I mean it. Don’t skip these songs. Track 1 “Fear” is both relatable and captivating.  With lyrics like, “Fear is the weight of the world coming down” or, “Want to believe you, but I’ve been here before,” who wouldn’t feel a connection? It’s a sweeter sound from Haynes, but it’s a change I’ll gladly accept.

The title track “Power” stays true to its name.  I can promise I’m putting this funky tune on every time I get behind the wheel for, at the very least, the rest of the year. It’s a potential pop song which brings something deeper. The final bridge is conversational giving listeners a personal experience.

“Gotta Get To Know You” was released earlier this year and it’s the track which led me, and likely countless others, to fall in love with this band.  When the Seratones are talked about decades from now this will be the song on the peoples’ lips first.

The final songs on an album are just as important as the first ones. The only disappointment I experienced with the last two tracks is the realization I would never get to hear this album for the first time ever again.

Track nine, “Who Are You Now,” made me stop in amazement on more than one occasion.  It’s the type of song which stops the world around you as you take it in - a total showstopper.

For the Seratones’ finale, they flip the script with “Crossfire.”  The perfect ending to the album with a beautiful mix of romance and heartbreak. It’s a song to swell your soul leaving you open and raw. I dare say it helped me accept the album was over and left me wanting more at the same time.

Overall, the words of A.J. Hayne’s are best when surmising Power:

“We went through a pretty dramatic shift with this record.  The band lineup, the creative process, the sound: All of it changed in ways that reflected our growth and evolution.”

Power is a game changer for the Seratones because it shows off the versatility of Hayne’s voice.  It also displays the talent each musician has on their instrument. After this album, all I can ask for from the Seratones is for more music.

Byline: Thora Hughes

Thora Hughes is a General Studies major pursuing her undergraduate degree at Southeastern Louisiana University. This jack-of-all-trades is currently the production director and events coordinator at KSLU, but has been known to DJ and assist the Underwriting and Development Director.

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