It’s Alive: Superorganism

The trees are in bloom, animals are waking up, and Superorganism just released their new self-titled album in February, just in time for the warm weather. Let it bring your heart out of hibernation as the eight-piece talks about technology and connections.

Superorganism have hit the block hard, playing their debut show in 2017 to around 500 people. They are an eclectic assembly of people from all over the world. The band gained their fame from their song “Something For Your M.I.N.D” that came out in September. Musicians Harry and Emily started this creation with their (at the time) internet-friend Orono, a girl they met at a concert in Japan prior. Orono wrote the lyrics to the song in 30 minutes and the rest of the band pieced together the collaborated hit. “Something For Your M.I.N.D” has almost 2,000,000 views on YouTube.

It is important to mention the ages of Superorganism, ranging from seventeen to thirty with lead singer and lyricist, Orono, being the youngest. Millennials and Generation Z are coming up in a technological age, which has defined our relationships with loved ones and ourselves. In songs like the down tempo “Reflections On The Screen”, it’s apparent how social media has shaped how we cope, think, and interact. There are even examples of this in the sounds Superorganism uses for their samples and beats. Not only has technology helped Superorganism come together to share this musical experience, it helps them to write and share their music throughout the world.

“All this stalling, it keeps me going, just recalling you and me, and there’s something so affecting about the reflections on my screen, it makes me feel alive, Sat in bed lit by the light of a silly gif playing on repeat” – “Reflections On The Screen”, Superorganism

A band consisting of eight people, rooming together in a shared space in the UK, obviously has a closeness, but in their music and internet presence they want you to know they are not just making music together, they are one. They are Gilgamesh and Enkidu—separate parts operating as a whole. “You are me and I am you, we are tied together into a single processing system. Together we are an amazing superorganism”. That is a verse off “SPRORGNSM”, the fifth song on the album. Maybe it is a way of just being incredibly repetitive, but it seems more so the fruition of this idea of family or even an artists’ guild. Superorganism wants you to know, like a mass of ants in the hot summer on concrete, they are a hive mind.

What will be next for Superorganism? Some interviews and lots of touring are probably a safe answer, but while you wait for another album go ahead and check out “It’s All Good”, “SPRORGANSM”, “The Prawn Song”, and “Night Time”. If you are looking for a good indie pop album for spring break or a barbeque check this album out, just make sure to listen with the people you consider your wolf pack.

Dara Calmes, age 23, is a sophomore at Southeastern Louisiana University. An Art History major with a minor in Theatre, Calmes is passionate about music and her job as Student Music Director for 90.9 FM KSLU.